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What do I need to register?

Kindergarten registration for September 2019 is around the corner and perhaps this is your first time registering a child for school, or maybe you haven’t done it in a while. We are here to help you along in the process as your child heads into this exciting time! The following are the steps to registering your child for school at Mother Teresa!

  1. Visit our school board website at You will find the link to register your child.
  2. Once your child has been registered online, you will need to visit our school with the following documentation:
    1. Your child’s Birth Certificate (if your child was born outside of Canada, we will require the date your child entered Canada and a copy of their Canadian Citizenship card or other relevant documentation)
    2. Your child’s Roman Catholic Baptismal Certificate (if your child is NOT baptized Catholic, you will need to complete a Non-Catholic Admission Request. A letter will also need to be written to Dr. Hawes, our Superintendent, explaining  why you would like your child to attend our Catholic School. Our Principal Mr. Kennedy will meet with you to discuss the request after which your paperwork will then be sent to our school board office for approval).
    3. A copy of a recent phone bill, hydro bill, purchase agreement, etc., with the PARENT’S NAME AND ADDRESS on it to show that your child lives within our school zone. Out of Boundary admission may be requested but may not be approved. Anyone requesting out of boundary admission will need to write a letter as to why it is being requested, and will need to understand that even if they are approved, their child will not receive school bus transporation.
    4. If there is a CUSTODY AGREEMENT that pertains to your child, please provide a copy to keep in your child’s file.
    5. If your child has had any assessments that are pertinent to their education, or if you child has documented health concerns, please provide a copy for your child’s file.

At Mother Teresa, our goal is make registration as straight forward as we possibly can. If you have any questions regarding registration, please do not hesitate to call the school at 613-445-3788 weekdays between 7:45am and 3:00pm.

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